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The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is dreaming as an economic giant ...

A demographic giant with about 100 million inhabitants, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is also dreaming of an economic giant. Ethiopia is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.

It is also in Ethiopia that the coffee was discovered around 850. This heavy political and diplomatic weight symbolized by its capital Addis Ababa, headquarters of the African Union, has real assets to be argued.

With GDP growing steadily by almost 10% a year. For more than a decade, experts have been talking about "the Ethiopian economic miracle" or "African tiger". (in reference to Asian emerging economies).

The central hub of East and Central Africa

In addition to its 3,000 millionaires and according to the IMF, per capita GDP has increased from USD 361 (in 2010) to USD 795 in 2017. While the middle class now accounts for 22% of the total population, almost 23 million USD. individuals, the poverty rate has risen from 45% to 22% at the same time.

This real economic boom has been influenced by two five-year growth and transformation plans that have allowed industry, infrastructure and services to grow. For example, infrastructure objectives have been achieved at more than 60%, while international investors praise the relative absence of corruption, a rare phenomenon in Africa. Its airport is being expanded. His airline has a level of international standing.

More than $ 1 billion has been invested in the development of its road network. Finally, with a new goods and passenger train between Addis Ababa and Djibouti, the country will soon become the hub of East and Central Africa.

Investors flocking from all over the world

As the largest importer, China is also a major investor in Ethiopia. She was particularly seduced by a well-trained and inexpensive workforce, an Ethiopian worker costing half as much as a Chinese worker. China builds road network, streetcar, real estate and public infrastructure.

International companies are flocking to Ethiopia's doorstep, including the new Hawassa Industrial Park, a textile complex located 275 km south of the capital. There are also branches of General Electrics and Unilever in the country, as well as Japanese and Indonesian companies.

France is not left out since it is present through 32 subsidiaries. The two largest companies are Total and BGI-Castel, the country's largest brewer.