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Zion & co exports to Ethiopia various products with the best quality / price ratio.

What the world exports to Ethiopia

Ethiopia imports mainly petroleum products, motor vehicles, machinery and equipment, medicines, palm oil and cereals from China, Kuwait, India, the United States and the United States. Japan.

French exports to Ethiopia have been increasing steadily in recent years.

Since 2015, they have even reached rates of progression that have not been seen in twenty years. Half of these exports are pharmaceuticals. This Ethiopian need is particularly related to the latest public health program voted by the UN agency. The second export item is transportation equipment including motor vehicles (notably the Renault Truck) and aircraft equipment. Finally come agri-food products (prepared meals, alcoholic beverages, cheese ...).

Our offer for export


New and used vehicles


Foodstuffs (milk powder for children and adults, French wines, olive oil)


Industrial machinery and materials (excavator, marble, construction equipment ...)